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Light roast and proper development

Unlock the essence of well-developed beans
Light roast and proper development
Colombia, Pitalito, Asobombo
From 35,00 lei
Colombia, Pitalito, Asobombo
No reviews No reviews
Honduras, Marcala, LaPaz COMSA
From 38,00 lei
Honduras, Marcala, LaPaz COMSA
No reviews No reviews
Kenya, Kirinyaga, Kabingara farm
From 46,00 lei
Kenya, Kirinyaga, Kabingara farm
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Sold Out
From 39,00 lei
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Coffee that is

Roasted for taste

Not brew method

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180,00 lei

Set începători pentru prepararea cafelei

Ce avem aici? 

Dacă ești la început în preparea cafelei de specialitate, am pregătit un pachet care să-ți fie de folos la fix!

El conține:

  • un pachet de boabe de 200 gr din cafeaua preferată
  • Hario V60 Pour Over Kit
  • Tote Bag în culoarea ta preferată

Începe să bei cafea cum trebuie chiar de azi! 

    180,00 lei
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    For me it's one of the best coffees I had. Keep in mind I do not like coffee that is very strong, this one is more full of flavour and has a certain something, I don't know what it is, that makes the taste special and well defined.


    One of the best corner baristas in Bucharest. Enjoyable coffee experience and a fantastic brew.


    Cozy place serving a light, but aromatic coffee, very well prepared


    My third V60 today in as many coffee shops and so far this is the best one. Also the cheapest one. Give this a try.


    Every working day I stop and have my coffee to go. Most of the time my coworker stops too and we have one there. Best coffee, very nice guys there, homey atmosphere.

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