20grams coffee

Colombia, Pitalito, Asobombo

35,00 lei
35,00 lei

Back in stock on 6.03.2024

Taste profile: strong chocolate aroma, nutty 

These colombian beans have a sweet, strong chocolatey, nutty flavor, and the way we roast the coffee ensures that it fully retains all of its flavors. So if you're a fan of creamy, full-bodied coffee, you've come to the right place.

This lot was produced by 15 female members of Asobombo who live and farm in Huila. They are Organic certified and dedicated to producing high-quality specialty coffees through careful cultivation and processing. They continue to invest the premiums from their coffee into improving their farm and processing infrastructure and they’re always looking to learn new processing techniques to improve overall quality. In total, about 60 women in Huila and Cauca are a part of Asobombo’s women’s program. The cooperative estimates that, indirectly, about 180 people (children, spouses and other family members) of those 60 women also benefit from this work toward gender and opportunity equality.

Varietal: Bourbon

Procesing: Pulped natural

All our coffees are light roasted in such a way as to preserve the taste that the terroir and growing conditions bring to the fruit in order to showcase all its qualities.

We recommend you grind the coffee fresh every time you brew it, but if you want us to grind it for you, leave us a message on the check-out page with the desired coarseness.