About us - 20grams Coffee

At 20 grams, our name reflects the precision in specialty coffee and the depth of the coffee experience—where each gram contributes to the essence of quality. For us, it represents the soul of coffee, blending tradition with a dedication to authenticity and quality.

The Essence of Our Coffee

Our journey began with a small coffee shop, where we learned that the heart of coffee's personality shines through roasting. Embracing light roasts and longer development, we aim to preserve the unique aromas and tastes that each bean's origin, processing, and terroir can offer. This approach allows for a richer taste profile, less acidity, and sweetness that's accessible for home brewing.

Our Vision

We believe in making specialty coffee a standard, not a luxury. Situated in Bucharest's historic Jewish neighborhood, we strive to bring the craft of downtown specialty coffee to everyday moments. We challenge the traditional perceptions of coffee origins and profiles, advocating for a journey of discovery with every cup.

Why Choose Us

In a world where coffee grades have become inflated, we focus on the experience rather than the numbers. Your taste, not a score, should dictate the quality of your coffee. Our roasting ethos is designed to bring out the best in each bean, making specialty coffee accessible to all, without the need for professional equipment.

Join us in redefining the coffee experience, where every sip is a journey, and every cup tells a story.