20grams coffee

Kenya, Kirinyaga, Kabingara farm

46,00 lei
46,00 lei

Profile: Silky mouthfeel, notes of caramel, tropical fruit, dried apricot.

Farmers cultivate small coffee farms of approximately 250 to 350 trees and deliver their cherry to Kabingara factory. The high altitudes provide the warm days and cool nights that help nurture sweet, dense cherry. The washing station is owned and operated by Karithathi Farmers’ Cooperative Society (FCS). Main crop is harvested in October through December and Fly crop in April through June each year. 

Varieties: Batian, Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34

Altitude: 1600-1800masl

Processing: Fully washed

Rainfall: Annual average around 1200-1700mm falling in a bimodal pattern

Soil: Red loamy Volcanic 

All our coffees are lightly roasted, to preserve the subtle tastes that a coffee’s origin and processing can exhibit.

We recommend grinding the coffee as you use it, but if you prefer to have it all ground by us, please leave us a message on the checkout page with the desired coarseness.