20grams coffee

Guatemala San Marcos COIPEC

84,00 lei
84,00 lei

Profile: Chocolatey, brown sugar, sweet plums.

It is a strong, yet soft and round coffee with clear floral notes and a very high density due to its cultivation altitude of almost 2000m. It comes from cooperative COIPEC (or APPECE 2001-2018) which is an organization of small coffee farmers in the San Marcos region committed to the socio-economic development of the affiliated communities. The cooperative's plantations are located between narrow valley slopes in the tributary/headwater area of the Río Naranjo, which flows into the Pacific Ocean. This location also gives the cooperative its name (Entre Cerros).


Varieties: Yellow Bourbon

Altitude: 1600-1900masl

Processing: Washed

All our coffees are roasted so as to preserve the subtle tastes that a coffee’s origin and processing can exhibit.

We recommend grinding the coffee as you use it, but if you prefer to have it all ground by us, please leave us a message on the checkout page with the desired coarseness.