20grams coffee

Ethiopia, Guji, Koromii

44,00 lei
44,00 lei

Aroma profile: Orange, apricot, creamy

This coffee is harvested by a small group of farmers, who named their collective after the sub-region of the same name, Koromii. The Koromii farmers are part of the Sookoo group, who are managed by a local agronomy and permaculture expert, Ture Waji.

Korommii is one of our favorite coffees this year, with it's texture-forward creamy/juicy character and wonderful florals. 

Varietal: Jimma Agricultural Research Center variety (74112)

Altitude: 2000-2150masl

Procesing: Natural

All our coffees are light roasted in such a way as to preserve the taste that the terroir and growing conditions bring to the fruit in order to showcase all its qualities.

We recommend you grind the coffee fresh every time you brew it, but if you want us to grind it for you, leave us a message on the check-out page with the desired coarseness.