20grams coffee

Ecuador Zamora ACRIM

41,00 lei
41,00 lei

Profil aromatic: note de ciocolată neagră, nuci și banane coapte 

ACRIM is a coop with very good quality management (own sensory laboratory, own Q-graders, each lot brought in is evaluated and processed separately), but has another special feature that also makes it stand out internationally: very young coffee farmers. The problem of aging (the average age of small-scale coffee farmers in Ecuador is over 65 years) does not occur here. Half of the members are under 40 years old, and some of the most committed farmers are even well under 30.

Varieties: Yellow Bourbon

Altitude: 1100-1300masl

Processing: Honey

Rainfall:  aproximativ 1200-1700mm/an

All our coffees are light roasted in such a way as to preserve the taste that the terroir and growing conditions bring to the fruit in order to showcase all its qualities.

We recommend you grind the coffee fresh every time you brew it, but if you want us to grind it for you, leave us a message on the check-out page with the desired coarseness.