Colombia, Pitalito, Asobombo

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These Colombian beans have strong chocolate, nutty, sweet taste notes and the light roasting preserves all of the natural coffee aromas. If you like full body coffee and crema in your cup, this is it.

We recommend using the beans for espresso and milky recipes but we can promise it will shine no matter how you brew them.

About the origin

This lot was produced by 15 female members of Asobombo who live and farm in Pitalito, Huila. They are Organic certified and dedicated to producing high-quality specialty coffees through careful cultivation and processing.

In Pitalito, farms tend to be slightly larger than other regions of Colombia. Most farms here are between 3 and 5 hectares, compared to 1 to 3 hectares in other regions.

The women contributing to this lot and their families selectively handpick ripe, red cherry and process it on their farms. They pulp cherry on small handcrank pulpers and ferment it in tanks for 12 to 36 hours. Following fermentation, parchment is washed in clean water and laid in parabolic beds, marquesinas or patios to dry. They rake parchment frequently to ensure even drying.