Mexico, Chiapas, Monte Grande

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These beans have a nutty - sweet taste profile. We recommend using them for your home espresso if you like a rich, full body coffee.

  • Taste profile: Almond nougat. Vanilla. Sweet.
  • Altitude: 1100m
  • Processing: Washed
  • Organic, 100% Arabica
  • Roasting profile: light

About the origin

In 1917, Don Miguel founded Finca Monte Grande, the beginning of a long family tradition that has passed from generation to generation with one factor in common: the obsession to grow the best coffee. Monte Grande is now one of the most productive farms in Mexico.

The sustainable coffee quality is the result of the great care around key details. The soil is nourished for the shade plants to grow strong and productive. The coffee cherry sugar concentration is measured so that the harvesting can be selective, at the optimum maturity point. The cherries are separated by density and then they are pulped mechanically without damaging the coffee bean. The fermentation is carried out by a strict process to maximise the flavour.

To preserve harmony in the ecosystem, native trees are planted in the area that is home to more than 70 different bird species, in addition to providing shade to the coffee plantation which helps the coffee mature slowly and become rich in sugars.

During the harvest period, the farm houses more than 800 families, to whom they provide rooms, food, and free medical care and vaccination. Likewise, they have the Monte Grande Rural Primary School that allows providing basic education to the children of the workers.