Ethiopia, Kaffa, Tula

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These super aromatic beans feature tangy and fruity cup with notes of pineapple, grape, passion fruit and raspberry. Thanks to the natural processing and African beds drying, the beans have encapsulated even more aroma and sweetness from the pulp.

We recommend brewing this coffee slowly, in a V60 or Aeropress, to experience the full aroma. However, the espresso is surprisingly punchy and creamy too.

About the origin

Aound thirty kilometers from Bonga, in the Kaffa appellation, Zinabu produces specialty coffee, harvested in a dense forest. Zinabu used to be a physics teacher but he chose to return to his native region to grow coffee.

The farm covers 92 hectares in which Zinabu exclusively cultivates the variety 74110, as advised by the Jimma Research Center. He currently produces natural processed coffee only.

The Zinabu farm is part of the US-aid Feed the future program - American cooperation. This program launched ten years ago, under Obama and aims at improving food security for farmers.

Zinabu is also invested in protecting the rich forest that shelters his farm. The vegetal diversity provides a beautiful shade cover for coffee trees and ensures soil fertility. The wanza leaves, for example, provide compost which enriches these soils, as well as the buto tree, whose flowers are key to the honey production. Zinabu has also distributed 40 beehives in this forest.