Brazil, Minas Gerais, Fazenda Irmãs Pereira

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The coffee produced at Fazenda Irmãs Pereira is Arabica, and has several varieties as Acaiá, Red Bourbon, yellow bourbon, yellow and red Catuai, yellow and red Catucaí and the Novo Mundo. The best quality are the yellow and red Bourbon variety and after that the coffees of the yellow strain. With an amazing aroma and distinctive taste, its flavor varies from citrus fruits to bittersweet chocolate.

For this coffee, the pulped natural process is used, resulting in a more aromatic cup quality, which is rich in flavor, homogenous and clean. Fazenda Irmãs Pereira is internationally known and recognized for their high-quality coffees.

All our coffees are lightly roasted, to preserve the subtle tastes that a coffee’s origin and processing can exhibit.

We recommend grinding the coffee as you use it, but if you prefer to have it all ground by us, please leave us a message on the checkout page with the desired coarseness.