Guatemala, Huehuetenago, yellow honey

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The magic of volcanic soil shines through these beans. We recommend choosing this Guatemalan origin whenever you are in doubt. These beans are highly versatile and cannot disappoint regardless of how you brew your coffee.
  • Taste profile: Caramel. Green tea. Peach.
  • Altitude: 1720m
  • Processing: Washed
  • Organic, 100% Arabica
  • Roasting profile: light

About the farm

This special coffee is shade grown on the fertile slopes of Guatemala’s Atitlan volcano. The family owned and operated farm produces a variety of coffees throughout their property which also serves as a natural habitat for avocado trees. Their goal is to responsibly procure a collection of consciously sourced Guatemala Atitlan region coffees, each with its own character and profile. The coffee farmed at Finca Pampojila has a bold acidity, notes of green tea and peach, with an aftertaste of brown sugar and toasted almond.

Finca Pampojila maintains a strict set of sustainable growing practices that prioritise care for their land as well as their workers and seasonal labourers. Workers are provided competitive wages, a safe working environment and access to health care and education for their families. Finca Pampojila is Rainforest Alliance Certified, a member of the Guatemalan Association of Private Nature Reserves (GAPNR) and enjoys the added distinction of being a multiple award honouree from the Guatemalan Coffee Association (Anacafé). Furthermore, a majority of Finca Pampojila’s land has been declared part of the GAPNR in order to preserve the region’s unique wildlife populations.

Sustainable cultivation practices at Finca Pampojila have been continuously improved. Farm soils are regenerated using vermicompost and other natural farming by-products. Annual environmental certifications and audits from Rainforest Alliance examine their climate sensitive agri-practices, overall ecosystem health, biodiversity strength, social concerns for individuals and community, and economic improvements such as living wages, and long-term profitable returns.